Boarding Cattery Lewisham

Sereta Boarding Cattery has been designed to be the best place to leave your cat whilst you’re away, placing the health and happiness of your cat at the heart of everything we do. Our experience and expertise mean that you can leave your cat at our boarding cattery in nearby Orpington without worrying about their welfare or happiness.

It’s understandably difficult to leave your cat behind, even for a short amount of time, which is why we encourage all our customers to come and visit us ahead of their cat’s stay. Every cat has their own run and house which we keep incredibly clean and sanitary at all times, and they receive plenty of stimuli and affection throughout their stay.

Our cattery makes things easy for you and your cat

Here at Sereta Boarding Cattery, we’re a team of cat lovers, and the safety, welfare and happiness of your cat is our highest priority, even for short stays. We ensure we stay up to date with all aspects of cat care training and we have a vet permanently on call in case of an emergency. Our boarding cattery boasts a range of excellent facilities for your cat to enjoy, such as:

  • Large, individual cabins and runs separated by sneeze gaps
  • Comfortable winter boarding with heated in the cabins
  • We offer family units for cats from the same household
  • A cat collection and delivery service from your door to our cattery

Why choose us for your Local cattery?

At Sereta Boarding Cattery, we pride ourselves on offering amazing facilities and an unrivalled level of care for your cats whilst you’re away. Based just outside Lewisham, your cat has the opportunity to relax in the countryside whilst you’re on holiday too, and if you’re worried about your cat, you’ll feel better to know that we have over 2,000 happy customers who choose us every time they go away.

We understand that you want a boarding cattery that you feel confident to leave your cat in, and at Sereta Boarding Cattery, we do everything possible to ensure your feline friend wants for nothing. Everyone on our team is passionate about cats and we pride ourselves on providing excellent boarding cattery facilities.

For more information about our cattery and to arrange to come and see us, simply call us on 01689 856 168 or get in touch online.