Delivery and Collection

Cat Boarding Collection & Delivery

At Sereta Boarding Cattery, we understand just how difficult and busy life can be, especially if you’re planning to be away from home. If you need help getting your cat to or from our boarding cattery on the edge of South London, we offer a local cattery delivery and collection service, which can be arranged in advance of your cat’s stay.

You don’t have to worry about dropping your cat off or collecting them after your break when you make use of our reliable pet transportation service.

The experienced team at Sereta Boarding Cattery know exactly how to minimise stress and anxiety when transporting your cat to our fantastic cattery facilities. Regularly working with cats means we know exactly how to help them adjust to their new surroundings for the entire time we’re looking after them.

Safe pet transport for cats

Cat boarding can be stressful enough for both you and your cat, and it can often be upsetting to leave your wonderful pet in a cattery, no matter how amazing the facilities.

Sereta Boarding Cattery’s pet transportation service will remove this heartache for you, and ensure that your cat safely reaches our welcoming cattery in the village of Downe. Leave everything to us and rest assured in the knowledge that your cat is in safe hands.

Our cat delivery and collection service includes:

  • Door to door pick up and drop off
  • Value for money prices
  • Collections made at agreed times
  • Safe and reliable pet transportation
  • A warm and friendly welcome for your cat

The perfect pet travel solution

With fees as low as £1.00 per mile based on a round trip, our affordable cat delivery and collection service is just another way we work to assist loving cat owners.

For cats further afield, we have the option of using a reliable and value for money pet taxi service, providing a safe and smooth journey to Sereta Boarding Cattery.

For more information about our cat delivery and collection services, call us today on 01689 856 168 or contact us online.