The 7 Most Friendly Cat Breeds

The Most Friendliest & Affectionate Cat Breeds

The common misconception about cats is that they’re fiercely independent, aloof and a bit anti-social, especially when compared to dogs. But just because cats aren’t as predictable and obvious about loving people as dogs are, it doesn’t mean that cats don’t want all your love, attention and cuddles. There are certain breeds of cat in particular that love human company and affection.

These cats are well-known for loving nothing more than following you round the house, using your laptop as the perfect bed whenever you’re trying to type, and curling up with you at bedtime. This friendliness is perfect if you want an affectionate and loving companion.


This extroverted cat loves being involved everything going on throughout the house, and is incredibly vocal, often having their own input into everything going on. Siamese cats are also incredibly affectionate and are always highly sociable, making them a welcome addition to any household looking for a friendly, active addition.


Whilst some people may be put off by the sphynx’s hairless appearance, this cat is incredibly sweet and affectionate to both her family and strangers. This breed is incredibly sociable, will beg for attention and extremely affectionate. Personal space is definitely not something this cat understands, so you can expect them to be with you wherever you go.

The sphynx is also a highly intelligent cat, not only constantly ‘talking’, you can even teach them to play fetch!


Burmese cats love everyone they come into contact with, whether it’s a member of the family, a stranger or a cat-friendly dog. An ever-curious feline, a Burmese will follow you around the house to make sure they know exactly what you (and everyone else) are up to.


Not only is the Abyssinian basically the supermodel of the cat world, with stunning good looks, it’s also one of the friendliest breeds you could consider. Abyssinians are incredibly playful and even love swimming and being around water. These cats are incredibly loyal and affectionate, making them the ideal family cat.


The ragdoll is a big, fluffy feline bred to be the ultimate lap cat. As the name suggests, they go limp like a ragdoll when you pick them up, and will often let strangers pick them up as well as their family. The ragdoll is not only gorgeous, they’re incredibly intelligent and you can teach them to play fetch. Their loyalty and intelligence makes them a welcome addition to any household.


The luxurious Persian cat is a true gentleman, and these dignified cats are perfect if you want a relaxed, calm cat. They’re one of the most popular family cat breeds for their high levels of loyalty, patience and affection. Plus, many people find grooming their long fur to be a very relaxing way to spend time.


Maine Coon
Maine Coons are another large breed of cat, with a luxurious coat and a friendly and intelligent disposition. They’re extremely good ratters, helping to keep your home free of vermin and they’re always up for playing around. Maine Coons build up strong and fiercely loyal bond with their humans, making them the perfect cat to come back to at the end of the day.


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