What You Should Look for When Choosing a Boarding Cattery


Finding A Good Cattery

At Sereta Boarding Cattery, we’re incredibly lucky to be surrounded by trees and fields and enjoy south-facing facilities. As a family-run business, we understand just how difficult it can be to leave your family pet behind, even if it’s just for a week or two. For the past 30 years, we’ve provided expert feline care for all the cats we’ve looked after, and throughout this time, we’ve become experts in what you should look for when choosing a responsible and safe boarding cattery for your family cat.

Are you given a warm welcome?

When you go and visit a prospective cattery, all decent catteries will welcome your visit. When you visit a prospective cattery, take into account whether or not the staff are genuinely interested in your cat. You should also ask them how much attention you can expect your cat to receive on a daily basis.

Are the current cats happy?

Look at the cats currently with the cattery for boarding. Are they happy, with things in their houses and run containing things to keep them stimulated? Do the runs and houses have interesting views that the cats can watch? Most catteries will encourage you to leave a few things for your cat to remind them of home, but you may want to check with the manager of the cattery you’re looking into.

Is the cattery secure?

All cat runs in a boarding cattery should have either double doors or a safety passage that runs the length of the units.

Does every cat have its own unit/house/run?

It’s incredibly bad to mix cats in a boarding cattery if they’re from different homes. Cats are solitary animals by nature and will often get into fights and quickly spread disease when put into large groups.

If catteries house cats outside, individual runs should be separated from each other by either a full-height sneeze barrier made from a solid material or a 2ft gap. Indoor units should also be separated by solid barriers.

It’s vital that all the units you see have access to fresh air and sunlight, too. If possible, choose a cattery that has both indoor and outdoor areas where they won’t only be breathing shared air, as this increased the spread of disease.

Are the cattery units warm and comfortable?

You should enquire with what materials the cattery units are lined, with common good options including polypropylene, fibre glass and rock wool. Flat roofs or sun shelves designed for cats to relax in the sun are perfect for helping your cat to settle in somewhere new.

If you’re looking at outdoor catteries, try to choose somewhere with thermostatically controlled heating, which can easily be adjusted to meet your cat’s requirements.

Do the cattery units looking welcoming and clean?

When you’re looking at a prospective cattery, all areas should be cleaned to a high standard and obviously hygienic, including litter trays, feeding bowls and all surfaces. All outdoor and indoor areas should look well cared for and the cattery’s specified kitchen area should have no noticeable smell.

Booking a cattery

Once you’ve decided which cattery you’d like to go with, make sure you book your place well in advance – particularly during the summer months. A good cattery will want to know as much as possible about your cat when you book, including its age, name, dietary requirements and more. Not only will you need to leave your name and a contact number, but good catteries will ask for the name and contact number for your vet too.


All catteries will require your cat to be vaccinated against feline upper respiratory disease, or cat flu, and feline infectious enteritis. If you encounter a cattery that doesn’t mention this, then definitely do not use them!

Whether you’re going on holiday, moving home or staying in hospital, Sereta Boarding Cattery are on hand to look after your cat. For more information about our facilities and to arrange to view our cattery, call 01689 856168 or contact us online today.

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